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Moon Willow Graphics - Choose The Right Graphic Designer

Do You Really Need a Graphic Designer?

Graphic-Designer1It seems like there are actually a large number of Companies out there that think it is a luxurious and unnecessary expense to engage some other Graphics Agency to try and do their work for him or her. Their beliefs are that they already really know what they desire plus they have a employee that may do the project in-house, or possibly they are unwilling to fund outside graphic design services which they ‘think’ are too costly when costs are an overriding concern. But, is that this actually true? Companies may somewhat be saving on costs ‘doing-it-themselves’ but at the expense of human eye design, skills and adelaidedigital can bring back touch a particular project. Marketing and Communication is essential to every Company’s capability grow their customers.

There are many of different ways this can occur, like the use of a bespoke logo, advertising on the net or other media, promotional displays, brochures and cheap leaflet printing, vehicle liveries, web banner advertising or signs and signage to call but some.

What You Need to Know About Your Printer before Business Card Printing

Although business cards seem to be largely standardized, to ensure satisfaction, it is still critical to clarify all details with your printer before you commit to a business card printing job. Once you have decided you need cards or created your card design and are ready to choose a printer, keep some considerations in mind.

The Pricing Model:

Pricing for card printing generally varies with colour and the number of sides printed on. Other factors include card types, paper choices, and custom cuts. While your printing could be simple, you may have custom needs, so consider getting a price quote for your specific design. Also find out about quantity and reorder discounts.

Chosen Card Medium:

All paper is not created equal. Skimping here may make an otherwise classy business card look cheap. Be sure you choose a quality of paper that will reflect well on you and your company.  Ask about the available options. If you are feeling extra creative, you can also consider plastics, magnets, or other media.

Card Sizes and Cuts:

PIC 007Even if you have chosen the standard 3.5 x 2 inch card, clarify your card size when placing the order. It is especially important to confirm if you have chosen a size that varies from convention. Note, that some printers like New print have a large enough variety of options that they have incorporated some unique sizes and cuts into their standard offering, which means you can save money with them if you want a non-standard size.

Printing Turnaround Time:

Most printers will be able to rush your order at a premium, but keep in mind that business card printing is more involved than merely printing what you send in. Always leave enough time to review the proof that the printer creates for you, because once you have you given your approval and the proof goes to press, there will be no more room to make changes.

Print Quality and Printer Reliability:

Card printing quality and printer reliability may be the most difficult to judge, especially if it is an exclusively online printer. Some ways to mitigate this risk is to look for online reviews and to ask the printer for references and to see samples of their previous jobs, which they should be eager to provide.


One final consideration in your choice of vendor for your business card printing needs is the ability of the printer to meet your company’s total long-term printing needs—cards, brochures, letterhead, etc. You want things to look as uniform as possible, and using the same printer helps that to happen. There could be an opportunity to develop a relationship that will save time and money down the road with the right, reliable printer with the greatest offerings.

Professional Training in Graphic Design

ProfessionalIn the global competitive world, it’s imperative for an individual that he or she must pose the accurate knowledge of all the facts related to his or her field. Also it is proved worldwide that the person who has the soundest knowledge of his/her field is the most successful one. It’s a constructive fact that everyone wants to be successful and put in his best effort to get that success. But due to lack of appropriate knowledge in their field they won’t be able to elicit that success. One of the main reasons behind their failure is the exigencies/lack of good institute which accommodates professional training. Taking particularly about the field of graphic design, one should have ample knowledge and understanding of prevailing market trends, client’s and customer’s taste and preferences, up-gradation in the technology, etc. besides being creative and having high visualization skills. And all these skills can be developed in an individual only through good training in the field of graphic designing. Now let us talk about the institutes which offer good professional training in graphic design.

Our Expert Faculty

Faculty is comprised of industry professionals with experience of more than 15 years possessing high creative skills and commercial awareness in the field of graphic design. The entire course curriculum has been defined in a way that it takes care of theoretical aspects, creative kicks, and technological advancement taking place in the graphic industry. Our faculty takes the initiative to keep the students updated with the working knowledge of the latest graphics and multimedia software used in the industry such as Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop, etc. Professional training in these software’s assists the students to create corporate graphic designs.

Art and sketching classes   

An individual pursing a course or wants to make a career in graphic designing must have strong command over drawing and sketching. As has been a visual problem solver they are responsible for creating innovative design solutions that have high visual impact. In order to enhance the creative capabilities of the students, the institute also provides art and sketching classes. The art and sketching classes are conducted by the renowned cartoon artist in the leading newspaper and a terrific actor having experience of more than 25 years in art and acting. Such classes enable the students and professionals to make better utilization of their time by streamlining the creation of their shapes and designs.

Intense Practical training an Portfolio Development

The faculty emphasizes upon proffering intense practical learning on the subject along with the increasing theoretical base of the students. Students are required to prepare the projects under the supervision of our experienced mentors. Successive series of such projects enables the students to create their portfolio. The institute provides the students with both the hard copy and software of their portfolio. Such portfolio shows the experience of the candidate when he’ll search out for the job and ensures that he is not a fresher in the industry. Students can fetch higher remuneration than the normal on the basis of these portfolios.