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All You Need To Know About Graphic Designing

ProfessionalGraphic designing is the method wherein there is a visual communication of ideas and thoughts by combining and creating symbols, words, and images.  There is overlapping of space, color, type, and image.  Although it is a subset of communication design and visual communication, graphic designing combines and overlaps these skills also.  The artist/graphic designer in Buena Vista combines the techniques of visual arts, typography, and page layout to create the final product.  Designers are generally called to design logos and create brands.  They also contribute their services to publications, in magazines, books, and newspapers and also in creating advertisements, billboards, posters, product packaging, and website graphics.

Attributes of a Graphic Designer

Graphic designer are different from artists in that they use their creativity to visually communicate and not to inspire.  They use any art medium to do this, be it photography, print design, simple shapes, colors, and fonts, social media, or animation.  The ability to draw is not a prerequisite for graphic designing but creativity and visual thinking are great assets.  It is these skills which helps a designer to research correctly and design creatively.  The longer you work in the field, the better designer you will be.  An aspiring artist and designer in Buena Vista definitely need skills in the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, In Design, and Illustrator.

How to: Create a Name for Yourself – Become a Successful Graphic Designer


Create a personal Identity, or branding if you will, for yourself. This includes business cards, stationary, postcards, and of course a website. Even though I chose to call my brand Fish outta Water, I suggest using your own name. Keep it simple, first and last name only. When you start adding middle and nick names it gets complicated, and you’ll become forgettable. First things first. You need to make a website showcasing your work. You can build a free site at or Cargo Collective if you’re on a budget. But Free means you will have to deal with Ads on your site. Personally I use Bluehost, its fairly cheap and very user friendly. Once your site is up and running its time to make your Business Cards. Here are some affordable sites you can use to create and print your business card at: Vistaprint,, and Uprinting, I used Vistaprint and got 250 cards for only $10. (Essensial information: Full Name, Phone #, Website. Other info like address, and social media links is you to you). Once you make and receive your cards, carry several with you at all time (10+). Hand them out to everyone you meet. Give your friends and family a bunch and ask them to give them away as well. Chances are, they know someone who is looking for a graphic designer. It’s also a good idea to leave them with store/restaurant managers that you frequent. Now isn’t the time to be shy, introduce yourself and let them know what you do. Yes, they may just toss it in the trash or lose it, but you never know, they might call you.


If you have the funds, I suggest having a bunch of postcards professionally printed. If not, you can always just print your own. If you print your own make sure you use heavy card stock with high end ink. You want to make it look as real as possible. The neat thing about postcards is you can put whatever you want on the front. Choose a piece of work that you are most proud of, or simply place your logo. Just make sure it represents you and your style. Look up addresses to local business, marketing firms, your city/state newspaper, magazines, art galleries, and more. Send your postcards to anyone you think might be a potential client. When you send a postcard, people find it very personable. Plus, who doesn’t like receiving something in the mail? More importantly, send a postcard to each of your past clients. Thank them for their business and let them know you are still available incase they need you. A postcard is a great reminder. Don’t make them all generic, personalize each one. Whoever receives it will appreciate that you took the time in acknowledge them.


How To Become A Successful Graphic Designer

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The first step is to settle on the realm of experience you would like to develop. You’ll make a choice from varied sorts of graphic style like advertising, print style, multimedia system (TV), web design, or animation. Graphic coming up with for print or on-line mediums have variety of variations in technique. You’ll be sensible at each; however it’s higher to settle on one.

Get the tools

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe creative person ar the regular applications within the business. These applications are straightforward to use however since they need various options, you would possibly want your time and plenty of effort to master them. you’ll begin with less costly or free alternatives that are quite adequate for you as a beginner.

You can get textbooks that give instruction in style fundamentals and study them seriously. If you are taking a graphic style course, you’ll find out how to use coming up with software system and develop a marketable coming up with sense.

Get a degree

Getting a university degree or associate can provide you with a head begin and you’ll then start your career as a certified graphic designer. The associate is typically a biennial program that you simply will do at a junior college, whereas the academic degree is usually four years and you’d have to be compelled to attend a university or a university.

Develop a method

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Do completely different varieties of style comes that you simply fancy. These can be ornate styles, aureate script and bright colors, or clean well-balanced lines, straightforward colors and powerful graphics, however no matter you select, concentrate on developing that as your style vogue. scan books concerning graphic coming up with for fast learning. Your aim should be that folks can acknowledge your work just by the distinctive vogue.

Study the professionals

Go through newspapers and magazines, the web and anything that evokes you. you’ll cross-check product labels, field of study work, fashion websites, music labels; of these ar the result of fine styles and will be your inspiration for your next project.

Research fonts

Typography may be a complete field in itself and if you’re sensible at your job, you need to develop a sound understanding concerning the importance of font, kerning and leading, and every one the items that make effective text.

Collect attention-grabbing styles

T-shirts, food labels, pamphlets, posters or post cards, collect everything that you simply realize exciting or exalting. Study this stuff to search out what you prefer or do not like and use them for references if and after you want facilitate.

Save your comes

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Never throw away any of your comes, even after you hate them. Review them your time later to visualize that was wrong, however you’ve got improved or if your vogue has matured.

Create your portfolio

You’ll need a portfolio after you begin craving for work perhaps for a graphic style company therefore begin making a portfolio that challenges you to review your own work critically. You’ll conjointly showcase your portfolio digitally on an internet site.